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Florida Mortgage preapproved

Whether you are coming from overseas or already based in the USA, we are able to offer you, via our licensed Florida mortgage broker, the option of being fully approved for a Florida mortgage before you even find yourself your dream Florida villa. The advantage of doing this is that you will be fully cleared for a property, this will speed the closure of the property to around 2 weeks, will give you piece of mind that there will be no financial issues holding up a purchase.

Many relators will have a Florida mortgage broker do a cursory check to make sure that you are able to purchase a property, with this process they do a check on income and funds to purchase and will then give the realtor a letter stating that you are able to purchase up to x amount, this is in no way a guarentee that you will eventually get a mortgage.

With our mortgage broker they will go into an application as though you are actually buying and at the end you will either be fully approved or you will find out what issue you may have with purchasing, this could save you thousands in flights, hotels and survey fees etc.

There is no fee for this service it is all part of our Disney villa purchasing service.

To be pre-approved you will need to provide the following information, NOT to us but to our mortgage broker once you have decided to go ahead.:

  • Proof of funds to close on the property including deposit
  • Proof of income
  • Copies of bank statements
  • Last two years worth of tax returns
  • Social security number/Tax identification number
  • 2 forms of identification, Passport, driving license etc

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